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  • About The Artwork

    • 2021
    • List to sell
    • Centimeters
    • 90
    • 50
    • Kg

    • Original Created: 2021
    • Subjects: Abstract
    • Styles: Abstract
    • Mediums: Oil
    • Materials: Canvas
  • Details & Dimensions

    • Painting: Oil on Canvas
    • Original: One-of-a-kind Artwork
    • Size:
      50 W x 90 H x 0 D Cm
    • Weight:
    • Frame: Not Framed
    • Packaging: Ships in a Box
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Ebru Selman
Istanbul, TR
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Ebru Selman was born in 1993, Macedonia Ohrid, she graduated the “Faculty of Figurative Arts in Tetovo ,in the field of painting”. She continued with education and took her master's studies in Ankara, “Gazi University - Institute of Fine Arts - Painting department”. The artist was part of many successful world wide symposiums and mixed exhibitions, achieving recognition. She had two personal exhibitions in Macedonia and one personal exhibition in Istanbul. The completion of the study at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Tetova, for Ebru Selman represents a one-on-one maturity and a platform for launching new life challenges in postgraduate studies in Turkey. Undoubtedly, these moments have influenced the creation of a individual profile in the artistic focus which are followed in the cycle of works “Sisters". The works speak of an original creative world, based on the values of a contemporary woman and rich spiritual and artistic values. Through an eclectic creative process, based on the style of expressionism, art nouveau and fauvist colors, the author consciously profiles her stylistic language. For Ebru, beauty is not first and foremost the beauty of the face and human form, therefore it represents anonymous subjects with ella- Modigliani elongated necks, which are wrapped in long flowing clothes that strengthen the nature of its mysterious and fragile. The different intentions and views of women in society make the artist use reduced forms in their portraits that aim to reveal hidden truths, while their dresses and ornaments ennobled with powerful decorations are a vital spark of their image. They are also accompanied by the figure of the yellow bird that carries the message that, there is always a way out if you believe in yourself and use your personal power. Also there are horses with elongated legs and colorful hair and decorations as a way to show courage and freedom. The birds symbolize innocence, beauty, wisdom and freedom and the horses symbolise power, independence, freedom, nobleness, endurance, confidence, triumph, heroism, and competition, which in this case finalize the mystery of the female-female. With simple contours and rich and bold colors, sometimes saturated with layers of colors and stains articulated with different geometric shapes female figures gain emotional content and meaning. From her paintings we come to understand that red is the color of blood, of life, of joy and danger, of passion; white is the color of purity and chastity; but what dominates in its fabrics is the color blue which is the color of the heavens and the sea, of height and depth, it symbolizes fidelity, devotion, wisdom, self-confidence, blue is strongly associated with peace and tranquility. Rebelling against traditional art narratives, Ebru Selman's works have created a freshness and a new space in the art world, promising discovery and continuity in her creative work.

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