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Los Artelos was born to innovate and streamline the growing online art market, making it simpler than ever to acquire unique pieces from rising artists around the world.

It is our mission to connect you with the finest pieces from gifted artists. Whether you’re looking for a new statement piece to complete a room, a gift for a cherished friend, or to further your expansive collection, we’re excited to have you and can’t wait to help you find what you’ve been searching for.

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At the core of Los Artelos sits our artists. From all backgrounds, countries, and cultures, we are here to support your talents and provide endless opportunity in a marketplace without limits.

“Rolling Dolphins” from Savas Sirikci’s Collection

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What is Los Artelos?

We are here to help you find and purchase from promising artists across the globe.

  • Support rising artists
  • Discover unique artwork you can’t find anywhere else.
“Rolling Dolphins” from Savas Sirikci’s Collection

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Explore an unmatched selection of pieces that fit your budget, taste, and space by artists from around the world.


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We have made it our mission to value and uplift our artists at all costs. This means we pay them higher than most galleries while offering a competitive marketplace for them to thrive in.


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We believe in the power of education and awareness and find it imperative that the knowledge of all different types of art styles and mediums continues to spread, from the seasoned collector to the novice hobbyist.

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