Ali Topaloglu
İstanbul TR


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  • About The Artwork

    • 2021
    • List to sell
    • Via losartelos
    • Centimeters
    • 120
    • 90
    • 4

    • Original Created: 2021
    • Subjects: Mixed
    • Styles: Modern
    • Mediums: Mixed
    • Materials: Canvas
  • Details & Dimensions

    • Painting: Mixed on Canvas
    • Original: One-of-a-kind Artwork
    • Size:
      90 W x 120 H x 4 D Cm
    • Weight:
    • Frame: Not Framed
    • Packaging: Ships in a Box
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    • Returns: 7-day return policy. Visit our help section for more information.
    • Delivery Cost: Shipping is included
    • Handling: Ships in a box. Artists are responsible for packaging and adhering to LosArtelos`s packaging guidelines.
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Ali Topaloglu
İstanbul, TR
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Hi I'm Ali Topaloğlu the desire of artist's self creation is the description of the artist's expressions. I look at life, myself and the whole world with a laugh, which has deceived those who put great meaning on themselves and who stand in front of an artwork with an artificial seriousness for every second that has passed from the womb until today, I add comedy to every attitude I see and parodies it. as a person who can make a reference to everything freely that appears in this world, I don't believe in the artificial seriousness of the world.I am presenting the popular culture elements that today's power centers have created for us by making use of the absence of the human mind's filter to accept information, as a new power center. Today's education system, such as Baroque, Neoclassical, and Renaissance, has had a great impact on art life and I use this system as a parody element, which is taught to be important, despite the incomprehensible reasons for defending the works of these periods. Parodying everything that is imposed is like fighting fire with fire.

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